Dec 17/2015

Getting close to Christmas, only 8 more days.  Man where does time go.  Seems the younger I get the faster time moves forward.  I know some say old but I don’t like to think in that direction.  Over the years I have found if you think old, talk old, dress old, you become old.  Myself I prefer to think as I did when I was 25 or so.  Keeps me fit and alive.  With that my lovely wife and I were out the other day taking in an observation deck which looks out over the glades, which in turn lead towards the Gulf.  Took a bit of doing to get me up there being scared of heights,  but with the wife’s help I did make it up.  Surprised myself.  Took a few pictures which I will share below.  Also one of a couple friends bikes that we met while down here.  Nice folks.  Nice bikes too. Harley-Davidson’s of course.  Enjoy your day.   GW

IMG_20151214_091732317 IMG_20151214_091737666 IMG_20151214_091838612 IMG_20151214_091845997 IMG_20151214_092105993 IMG_20151214_120751673


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