Pictures of Our Home In Port Loring Ontario, Canada

Thought I would share with you a few pictures taken this morning while I was out feeding the birds. Not that there are any birds out there this morning. I think they are smarter than I am.. Have a great day!

Our Home January 30/2019
Our Home January 30/2019
Downtown Port Loring, Highway 522 , January 30/2019
Our Trailer out by the road. Shows how high the snow is. January 30.2019

2 thoughts on “Pictures of Our Home In Port Loring Ontario, Canada”

  1. Been waiting for one of your winter reports so I could see what the snow was like. We have a place on Peninsula Rd. Thx George!

    1. Good Morning Glenn nice to hear from you. I have had a bit of a time with some issues here for the past few months but think I have them under control now. So if things goes to plan should be adding things to the Blog once again. It is a cold day this morning. Warnings are up relating to how cold it is. Our windows are froze solid from top to bottom with ice. Makes a feller want to stay in bed with an extra blanket. Have a great day. GW

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