Good Morning Port Loring Ontario

Sunshine woke me up this morning which was nice for a change. We did see a bit of rain yesterday but nothing like they said we were going to get. Temperatures waking up was -1.4 C | 29.48 F Highway 522 is bare and dry. Great day to do some travelling or picking up some groceries in North Bay. It should warm up some by Tuesday. I have lots to do outside and in my shop but the weather being cold and damp staying inside is more tempting. Just because I can you might say. I love the outside but my body doesn’t like the cold or dampness, seems every year it gets a touch worse in that department. But not complaining, I get out of bed each morning and life is good and my days are full. I write for numerous newspapers across Canada and the USA so the not so good days I write up articles. Keeps the mind sharp. With that I am off to put some more wood in the furnace and will have a cup of coffee with my lovely wife. GW

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USD US Dollars 1.34646 ——– 0.74269

Great way to start your day!