Morning Report Feb 7/2020

My wife and I have been away for a few days for a much needed rest. That’s the reason I have not been doing my morning report for the past few days. But back now.

Not to bad a day so far this morning. It is a touch cool though with temperatures sitting at -12.7 C | 9.14 F. Actually even though it is a bit cool the sunshine we get today should make things feel a bit nicer. One can only hope. Highway 522 is partially bare. Which will make travelling pretty good later on today. No reason not to head on off to town for supply’s. We went yesterday so we are all set. No snow overnight which is okay with me. It will get quite cold tonight so an extra blanket will be needed when retiring for the day. With that I am off to do some work in the basement as we have been modifying things. For the better if I do say so myself ha ha. Have a great day.

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