Episode 74: Fresh Fruit Finds It’s Way North

Episode 74: Good Morning! Today, I have another true story lined up for you, that once again took place many years ago. To me, the past is important and shouldn’t be tampered with!!! I am one fellow that doesn’t believe in burning books or taking the not so good ones out of schools, or off the shelves, just because they offend someone. Or, for that matter, removing statues. Truth be told, that was the way it was back then, we were going through a time of change, as we are today. Burning books, stopping folks from reading them, and things like that does nothing, if anything … it slows us down from moving ahead, along with complicating things in the future. My old Dad used to say, “George, we learn from our mistakes, that’s how we get better.” Anyway, all that I just said doesn’t have anything really to do with the story I have lined up for you today, LOL. I get carried away from time to time. Especially when it comes to certain things. I hope you enjoy; Fresh Fruit Finds Its Way North. GW

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