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Episode 50: Laura’s Apron

Episode 50: Hi folks. This podcast is unique in its own way. It relates to a few things that, well … I think many take for granted. I hope you enjoy Laura’s Apron. Stay safe.

Episode 49: Cider

Episode 49: Hi folks. Today I have another Podcast Lined up for you. It’s a story that I hope you enjoy. Have a great day and stay safe.

Episode 48: Messages Through Words

Episode 48: Hi folks. How you all doing today? Good I hope. Today’s Podcast is a bit unique in its own way. I hope you enjoy. ‘Messages Through Words.’ Great Story!

Episode 47: Peashooters and Things

Episode 47: Hi folks today I have another story lined up for you, that I am thinking a lot will enjoy, and maybe a few, might even identify with what is being said. Also, once again, my thanks goes out to all those that have gotten in touch with me, letting me know how much they are enjoying my Podcasts. Means a lot. And if you enjoy my podcasts, share them with others, as hey! You never know, they might just put a smile on someone’s face. And with what is going on in this world today, we could all use that. Man … closing in on 50 Shows so far! Time sure flies by. With that … I hope you enjoy: “Peashooters and Things.

Episode 46: changing times

Episode 46: Hi folks. Today I have another great Podcast lined up for you. I hope you enjoy …. Changin Times. Along with what my views are, on some other items. Have a great day.