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Episode 62: Feathered Friends

Episode 62: Good morning! I hope everyone is well. Today I have another podcast lined up for you, that if listened to, might get your mind to thinking. I hope you enjoy. Feathered Friends. Take care and stay safe.

Episode 61: Clarabelle

Episode 61: Hi Folks. Today I have a special podcast lined up for you … that I am sure if listened to, should at the very least put a smile on your face. It might even get a good belly laugh out of ya. That is … if you have an open mind. Give it a listen to when you find a few minutes. Stay safe.

Episode 60: Two Birds

Episode 60: Man … time sure flies by. Here is Episode 60. Seemed like yesterday that I started doing these podcasts. But, I guess if your having fun with something, time means nothing. At any rate … I hope you enjoy. Two Birds.

Episode 59: Cheese

Episode 59: Hi folks. Today I have another Podcast lined up for those that are getting up in years. Why am I saying the older folks? Well … simply put, good cheese comes to those that wait. Give it a listen when you got a few minutes. Take care stay safe. GW

Episode 58: Clothes Soaps and things

Episode 58: Good morning folks! I hope you are all well on this fine Friday Morning. It is challenging these days I grant you that. But things will get better given time. Today I have another story lined up for you, that I am sure you will enjoy. Give it a listen when you get a few minutes. It might even put a smile on your face. Have a great day. GW

Episode 57: Old Red

Episode 57: Hi folks. Hope you are all well. Today’s Podcast took place in part many years ago. It’s all about what took place … well, give it a listen, it will save a lot of writing, which won’t do it justice. LOL I hope you enjoy … Old Red. Stay Safe!!