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This WEeks Podcast; Baths What’s that

Episode 40: Hi Folks. Hope all is well. We are sure having to deal with some trying times these days. Today I have another great podcast lined up for you … that I am thinking you will enjoy. With that … sit back and enjoy.

This week’s Podcast: A Visitor from the Past

Episode 39: Hi Folks! This week I have another great Podcast for ya. True story … which I am sure, you will enjoy. Take care of yourselves.

This week’s Podcast: My Favourite Food

Episode 38: Hi Folks. Today I have another great story lined up for you. It’s one that I am sure you will enjoy. I would also like to take a moment and thank everyone for all your E-Mails and Comments. It means a lot. Have a great day my friends, and if it isn’t too great at the moment … make it so.

A Quiet Night in a Quiet Town

Episode 37: Hi Folks here is another story I wrote that took place years ago. Great story and if you get some time give it a listen!

An Unforeseen Friend

Episode 36: Here is a story that took place many years ago that I am sure you will enjoy. Great story! Take care and stay safe.

Style of a country School Teacher

Episode 35: Great story. It’s all about a school teacher that taught us young ones many years ago. True Story.

One Fine Drink

Episode 34: Here is a story that I wrote awhile back. I hope you enjoy. One Fine Drink!

And You Thought

Episode 33: This is a story that is related to a few things that I have enjoyed over the years. I hope you enjoy. And You Thought!


Episode 32: Frank. This episode is about my best friend. I can say nothing more … than what I have already said, in this Episode here today. Great man.

What Makes a Home

Episode 31: This story reflects my feelings and others, on What Makes a Home. Great story, which I am sure you will enjoy.

A Man of Values

Episode 30: Well … here it is episode 30. Boy does time fly by. The story today covers the lives of two great men. I hope you enjoy. A Man of Values. Great story and says a lot.

Sounds of Yesteryear

Episode 29: Sounds of Yesteryear. This Podcast is about a young boy that lived in a home of years past. The unusual things that took place, I am sure will amuse, and make this story not only entertaining, but also helpful in ways that … well, you will have to listen to to comprehend. Enjoy!!

Brown Eyes

Episode 28: Brown Eyes. Here is another story that I wrote awhile back. Great story which I am sure you will enjoy.


Episode 27: Gum. This is another true story of how a young boy enjoys a treat, that most today takes for granted. Great story with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure.

The Hitchhiker

Episode 26: The Hitchhiker. This is a true story of what took place one time, years ago while my Dad was travelling on a lonesome highway going to market to sell his produce. Great story! Take care and stay safe. GW

A head-start in life

Episode 25: A Head Start In Life. Here is another story that came to mind which I thought I would share with you. True story too. Enjoy!

The Mullein Plant

Episode 24: The Mullein Plant. Here is a bit of information that I gained over the years, regarding the Mullein Plant. It’s a great plant with a lot of health benefits. Everyone should have a few leaves drying for winter, especially with what is going on in the world today. Stay Safe.

Poor Kids

Episode 23: This is a story about a young boy learning some values in life, in the late 50s and early 60s. It’s a true story.

Growing Your Own Horseradish

Episode 22: Growing Your Own Horseradish. Being that spring is in the air … I decided to do a show on how to grow your own Horseradish. There is a lot of good information within it, which will help with a lot of other things when it comes to growing plants and things. I hope you enjoy it.

Views On Life

Episode 21: Views On Life. Since so many have asked, I decided to do one more show on my views on things regarding what is happening today and … a bit on other stuff.

Old Jessie’s Mine

Episode: 20 Old Jessie’s Mine. This is a true story, told to me many years ago by my Dad … while driving along in his old truck heading to Market. Great story that kept me as a boy entertained, for most of the trip.

A Theory of Hope

Episode; 19 A Theory of Hope. I have had a lot of folks asking me for more of my views on this virus. so … I put together a half hour show. Hang in there, and … take care of yourself, and others. I hope you enjoy the show. GW

The Old Outhouse

Episode: 18 Great story relating to what took place many years ago while I was growing up on the farm. True Story. I hope you enjoy … The Old Outhouse.

Character Lines

Episode: 17 Character Lines. This show today is about what happens to us all, as we get older in life. Great story with a lot of good reviews. I hope you enjoy it.


Episode: 16 Fear. I wrote this story awhile ago, and thinking about things, I thought I would share it with you. It’s an informative story relating to what a lot of folks are dealing with today … with this Virus that is going around. Also share it with others, as right now, there is a need for items of interest to listen too. And the good thing is you can do it from a distance.