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Character Lines

Episode: 17 Character Lines. This show today is about what happens to us all, as we get older in life. Great story with a lot of good reviews. I hope you enjoy it.


Episode: 16 Fear. I wrote this story awhile ago, and thinking about things, I thought I would share it with you. It’s an informative story relating to what a lot of folks are dealing with today … with this Virus that is going around. Also share it with others, as right now, there is a need for items of interest to listen too. And the good thing is you can do it from a distance.

Ways of Life

Episode: 15 Ways of Life. In a time that needs fresh, clean air, I kind of figured, that this story might be of some help. It’s about the benefits of having plants in your home. I hope you enjoy … Ways of Life.


Episode: 14 Hi folks. With so many requests asking for my feelings on this Virus that is going around, I decided to do a Special Podcast regarding my thoughts on the subject. I hope you enjoy. Divided

Being Self Efficient

Episode: 13 This Podcast is about how my family along with friends of mine years ago, got by in hard times and good times. And a bit about today. I hope you enjoy. Being Self Efficient.


Episode: 12 This is another true story … about some things that folks enjoyed years ago. Great story. I hope you enjoy … Puzzles.

One Candy Stick

Episode: 11 Today I have two stories for you to listen to. One was a touch short … so you might say, I enhanced it a touch. I hope you enjoy One Candy Stick.


Episode: 10 This is a true story, along with what I feel is happening in our world today, and … a bit on what I think will happen in the future, and beyond that. I hope you enjoy: Education.


Episode: 9 True story which took place one time my wife and I were spending the winter in Florida.

A House or a home

Episode: 8 A true story that took place many years ago. The feelings of how the lady that raised me wanted her home to be kept while raising children.

Team Work

Episode: 7 Here is a story of how things get done … if you go about it as a team.

Places Men Enjoy

Episode 6: Here is a story regarding my feelings, on what has been happening over the years; when it comes to places that men can, or better said … used to go to for some private time with the guys.

Car Wash

Episode 5: The story this week is of what happens when a fellow doesn’t look after his car wash equipment. Great story.


Episode 4: This is a tale about … well, Underwear. Great topic, don’t you think. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

The Lamp Post

Episode 3: Here is a true story that took place years ago, while I was hitchhiking along a Highway here in Ontario, Canada. Great story which tells a tale of just how the mind works when no one is around to change it’s way of thinking.

The salesman

Episode 2: This is  a true story that took place while I was growing up on the farm.  

Christmas 1955

Episode: 1 Just One More Story by George Walters. I hope you enjoy … Christmas 1955.