What’s Happening On April 21/2023

Click on the image below to enlarge. It explains exactly what is going on these days. At least the way I see it.

Good Morning!

It’s not too bad of a morning temperature wise, with it sitting at 5.3 C | 41.54 F. It won’t warm up much more than it is now for the remainder of the day. We will also see some showers off and on all day long. The old saying April showers brings May flowers is holding true. Highway 522 is quiet this morning, but it will pick up being Friday with folks needing, or should say wanting, things for the weekend. My wife and I have everything we need for now, so we will be staying at home.

And being that my wife is still recouping from her episode with the dentist, she doesn’t feel like going anywhere, anyway. And on top of all that, the price of gas has once again gone through the roof with it sitting at $1.72 a Litre in North Bay, A crazy price that isn’t warranted. These so-called Powers that Be that are adding on this carbon tax hasn’t got a clue on what is really happening with our environment, as this tax is hurting more than it is doing any good. If asked, there would be no way they could justify it. Any money they do make from it is given away anyway. Kind of a sad state of affairs the working man/woman is living with these days.

Ah, hell! I could go on here for an hour, but it wouldn’t accomplish anything, so I am heading off for a bite to eat and will then see what the day has in store, other than all this bureaucratic nonsense that is happening these days. That’s the polite way of saying it!!Ha ha

In Closing I Would Like To Wish You Well. GW

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