Notes Of Appreciation

This was concerning a story I wrote awhile back called Grocery Shopping.

Greetings Mr. Walters:

My husband and I have discussed this issue at great length

over the holidays.

We are appalled at the rudeness you endured.

Having raised three beautiful daughters we are confident that neither one would ever treat a customer in this manner.

The clerk is wrong, she is paid to perform these small tasks in order for the establishment she is working for encourage customers to return and therefore secure more profit for the store. (the one who is paying her wages)

Since when is it part of any job description to be rude to a customer?

As for the accusation of stealing the bread, it was at the very least

unacceptable actions on the part of the young man who took you into the store.

He should have returned to the outside and apologized to you in front of the starring public.

As for the opening of doors, why on earth should anyone change their habit of politeness to a accommodate the new generation?

We personally are so tired of people using the phrase ( politically correct or the modern way) as an excuse for clearing the world of all that is decent.

My husband opens doors, pampers me and our family and says thank you to everyone who shows any act of kindness.

We all think he is wonderful and I do not want my husband or anyone else changing their lifestyle including you for I may be the next women that you open the door for and believe me I will say

Thank You.

Friends of the Polite Generation.

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