Shop Work (Native American Flutes)

Well figured I had better get at some of my shop work today, been awhile and got to be in the right frame of mind to work on my Flutes. I usually make around fifty a year as that seems to be the magic number for sales though out the summer months in our small store. I have been making them for a lot of years now but I had a good teacher, old Grey Wolf. He would sit for hours getting them just tuned right. But as he said “they have to be done right, as who wants a Flute that doesn’t sing properly.” I make most mine out of white cedar that I get from a local bush. The fellow that owns the bush is a good friend of mine and I am very luck to know him. The cedars I use are not live, they have long passed on and it gives me a good feeling taking an old dead piece and bringing it back to life. Got four ready today and tomorrow will work on tuning them. Talk soon.

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