Just Another Day

Well been busy the past few days here working in the old shop on a few gifts and things.  Got lots to do but just don’t feel like doing them and thing is I don’t have to any more if I don’t feel like it.   That’s the nice thing about semi retiring as some folks would say.  I don’t call it retiring as I don’t believe there is such a thing, as if your a man you never really stop doing things in life.  Well should take that back, the part of being a man,  as I do know plenty of women who are real hard workers and always doing something.  Even more so than the men in some cases.   At any rate I did get to cleaning out the cold room down stairs and found I had a few soft turnips, potatoes and things,  reason being I forgot to open the vent which lets in the cold air.  So lost a few,  but they didn’t go to waste,  as I put them out for the deer.  Talk Soon

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