Old Sink

Well found an old cast iron beige sink awhile back.  Has one large side and a smaller sink on the other side. They used to make them for washing vegetables.  It sure is different but I got a different woman than most folks,  as she likes them kind of things.  Took me the better part of the day to get it installed with my brother in laws help,  but once all said and done it looks great.  Got to say the thing weighs a ton and sure glad a fellow doesn’t have to lift it any more. Took me six times putting it in to get it to work.  One thing for certain no one will be running off with it.   The old sinks like that are real hard to find any more and I don’t know why folks don’t like them.  They sure look nice and when you put hot or cold water in them they hold the temperature.  Well it’s in with new taps and drains.  Full days work but well worth the time and trouble.  Talk Soon.

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