Christmas Has Arrived Here In Port Loring

Well had a great day here but then again any day is good living up here in the north.  Spent most the day with family. I did though sneak off for a bit to my shop as I got a used planner for my Christmas Present this year. My boys bought it for me along with my oldest boys Fiancee. So sure made my day.  Its an older machine but heavy cast iron one as I didn’t want one of those new light CTC ones.  This one is taking a bit of work to get working properly but almost there now.  Just need a couple new belts and should be up and running. Well it’s running now but this is just preventative maintenance.  I did run a few boards through it today and got to say it sure worked like a charm. I also had to shorten the one chain that drives the in-feed rollers,  not a big deal but the way it was it wouldn’t even pull the wood through.  Probably that is why the fellow sold it. Thing is,  if a fellow or gal puts their minds to these things they can end up with some real nice equipment for a minimal cost.   Now finishing off the day chatting to my lovely wife and my youngest boy Karl. My oldest had to leave for home as they had to go to work. But I had a good time with them while they were here. So better go, talk soon and again Merry Christmas.



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