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Well my column had been getting a lot of activity these days so that always makes me feel good.  Nice to know folks are enjoying them and letting me know their feelings.   This week in the Nugget the column relates to what is and has been happening around the old place along with touching on a few other things.  So don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Nugget next time your near or store, remember though my column only comes out in the Saturday paper in and around page six.  Talk Soon.

2 thoughts on “Nugget Column Update”

  1. Good morning, just reading the story on new car purchases and I agree 100% on all points but have one item I’d like to share with the writer.
    I purchased my new 2017 Santa Fe in January of 2018 and about a year later, I needed a break job that amounted to over $800 which floored me.
    I asked if there was a reason for such a short life span and they blamed the brine they put on highways… Wrote to Head Office and got told that I needed to deal with the dealership on such issues. Told them I thought they might look into beefing up their materials used in break linings and that I would not purchase a another Hyundai.

    1. Hi there glad you liked the story in the Nugget. I also gave Ford a call with little results. They more or less told me exactly what you were told. I know they can do better in making brakes and related things. But I guess there is no money in doing that. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. GW

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