More Native American Flutes


Well here is the third batch of Native American Flutes for this year all done up nicely by my lovely wife, ready for sale. Working on my last few now and will let you take a look when all said and done. Then it’s on to the carved end ones, branch flutes and walking stick flutes, which I also will show you when all done up. If your interested in a Flute don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by leaving a comment with your name and E-Mail Address. Also for a better look at the Flutes or any picture for that matter, just run your mouse over the top of the picture and click on them, which will auto enlarge them for ya. Talk Soon.

3 thoughts on “More Native American Flutes”

  1. Hi John, you know I have made flutes for a good many years and never thought of that but you are right. The last batch I will change them around. Thanks for the comment much appreciated. Never to old to learn huh? Hope things are going well with you. I took a look at your Web Site and I got to say you sure make some lovely Flutes. Any one would be proud to own one, that’s for sure. Talk Soon

  2. Very nice work. However, I think the picture looks better if the wolf face (or other pic) is the other way around so that it can be viewed by the person looking at the flute being played. John S

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