Cold Day Here In Port Loring, But Nice

Well cool morning here again. Down to 20 degrees old scale.  Was up through the night stoking the old wood furnace and enjoying every minute of it.  One thing about having the furnace we have, is that the wood is all inside your home nice and dry and easy to get at. So just need to pull on my slippers, no need to dress with coat and boots and strug off to the outside furnace through the snow and cold night air. Could never understand why anyone would even buy one of those things. Well I guess I know, their insurance brokers push it and that’s the reason for most thinking on the subject.  I figure it this way. If we did every thing the insurance brokers told us to do why would one even need insurance.  Well, as I have always said,  it all boils down to money and they sure are making it, hand over fist.  But all things come to an end, even for them, as we are seeing now.  So guess I will go and have a tea, and get back to doing what I love. Enjoy your day. Talk Soon.

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