Comfrey For Plant Fertilizer

This is a good recipe for helping your plants grow acts as a fertilizer and helps in keeping insects away from your plants.  Can’t beat it.  Also look for more information on things in my new gardening book coming out this spring.


2 plastic buckets
Comfrey leaves
Plate, Brick or other heavy object that fits inside bucket
Flower pot that fits inside bucket


1.      Cut holes into the bottom of a plastic bucket.
2.      Fill bucket 3/4 full with Comfrey leaves. Pack down tightly.
3.      Place a plate on top of the leaves and weigh it down with a brick or other heavy object.
4.      Place an upside down flower pot inside another bucket. Set the bucket containing Comfrey leaves on top of the flower pot.
5.      After 3 weeks, there should be a brown liquid in the bottom of the lower bucket. Bottle this liquid, an place the contents of the top bucket in the compost heap.

To use Comfrey spray, dilute 1 tablespoon with 2 pints of water. Add a teaspoon of dish washing liquid to the contents.

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