Pole Beans Hmmm Good!

Look for more info on beans in my new gardening book which will be coming out this spring.

Green beans & peas are a popular, warm season, home-grow crop.  Growing best in loose deeply dug  soil with plenty of compost, full sunlight, and adequate moisture.  Beans & peas come in many types & varieties. Beans & peas will not produce well in a dry soil. They require constant even moisture especially pole beans during the first 30 days of growth.  If not, the beans will be tough and stringy — if they produce at all. Pole beans produce best when trellised. I prefer using poles cut in our bush out back apposed to wire or fencing. The metal trellis’ gets to hot in the sun, and blister the vines somewhat. Poles allow much easier harvesting as well.  Bush beans & most peas are less labor intensive, but produce  less.  It is back-breaking chore to harvest bush types in my opinion.  Many gardeners like bush beans, but I’m not one of them.  Beans harvested on bush types are almost always muddy hanging so close to the soil. I have found them to be much less productive as well. Their flavor is comparable to their pole cousins.

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