HINTS Making Venison Delicious

Here are some hints to make your next venison meal as delicious as it
should be:
Older deer will likely be drier and tougher than younger deer.
Cooking methods can be varied accordingly.
You can make almost any meat tender by cooking it in some water over
very-low heat until it is done. High heat toughens meat and may dry
it out.
Soaking meat in salt, vinegar and water for several hours will remove
the gamey taste.
To season venison, various combinations of marjoram, thyme, parsley,
garlic or onions may be used.
Marinades tenderize and enhance — and may disguise – game flavors.
The following can be used as marinades:
1. Vinegar, wine or wine vinegar (to cover a roast or steak.)
2. French or Italian salad dressing.
3. Tomato sauce, undiluted tomato soup, tomato juice (the acid of the
juice has a tenderizing effect on the meat).
4. Pickle, orange, lemon or grapefruit juice. Good hunting and
pleasant eating!

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