Get A Good Nights Sleep

The folks that raised me told me this over fifty years ago and they are just finding it out now?  Kind of think they should be asking our elders on how we dealt with things, wouldn’t you think?  It would save millions of dollars a year.   Also save thousands of lives.  Wonder how many thousands of dollars it cost to find this out.  If they would have asked me I wouldn’t have charged them a cent.

to a study conducted by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

“Although sleep’s relationship with the immune system is well-documented, this is the first evidence that even relatively minor sleep disturbances can influence the body’s reaction to cold viruses,” researcher Sheldon Cohen said. “It provides yet another reason why people should make time in their schedules to get a complete night of rest.”   Also don’t forget even a half hour rest at noon helps a lot too.

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