Good Old Celery

Good Old Celery.  Just one more reason to get outside this spring and get a patch of ground worked up for your new veggie garden.  You deserve it.   Also look for my new gardening book coming out around May of this year.

The reason celery is so low in calories is because it is so high in water content. Fresh, light green celery with glossy ribs is the best for eating. Celery is truly a healthy treat; all parts of the plant are edible and one cup contains only about twenty calories. There is no waste. It’s a great food and has a number of known health benefits. Here is a couple.

Celery can provide a sense of calmness. It can also help lower blood pressure. People with gout should be fans of celery because it lowers uric acid. So there you go and oh, my wife dries the leaves every year and uses them in soups through out the winter months.  Sure brings the soup alive with taste.  Talk Soon

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