Troops In Iraq

You know for the last few years now folks have been steadily running down old George Bush.  Thing is he is a pretty good guy.  I would  have to say he has helped this country we call Canada more than any other president going.  Also put us on a path, that is safe to walk down.  I know there is a lot that would have you think different but I would have to say their thinking is a bit clouded.  They also have complained about all the troops in the Iraq. Well if Bush could have been in power any longer, he would have had them taken out in the near future just as the new President is doing, well thinking of doing.  Time will tell on that subject.

Any ways for those that have complained for so long about old Bush.  You now have a President that says he will pull a few troops out of Iraq and once done he will put a few thousand more into Afghanistan.  My way of looking at it, nothing is getting done, just taking it from one hand and putting it in another.  My Opinion Only. Here is the article for what it’s worth:  Take a look.

President Barack Obama on Friday fulfilled the defining promise of his campaign, announcing that all U.S. combat troops will be withdrawn by Aug. 31, 2010.

I sure like that word Defining.  LOL

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