China Crazy Talk In My Eyes

Now here is a statement that is right out to lunch.  First off through my eyes we shouldn’t be doing the trading we are doing with China.  Just look at our economy now.  If you think dealing with them over seas is going to help us get out of this recession you are mistaken. What we need to be doing is looking after ourselves an our closest neighbour.  When the chips are down it isn’t going to be folks overseas that helps us out. Let me tell you that.  Take a look at this article. Crazy thinking for sure. My opinion only.

Everyone has the same message: when will Ottawa cease bungling the China file and build Canada’s relationship with the world’s fastest growing economy, a rising power and Canada’s second largest trade partner – a country Stephen Harper has yet to visit since becoming prime minister in February 2006?   I would also like to know who he means by everyone, sure never asked me or anyone I know.  Kind of a laugh really.

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