Stolen Chicken

Take notice of the name on the bags they were put in to sell to folks.  Kind of makes you think Huh

Police are warning consumers to check their chicken after a shipment of the meat was stolen, repackaged and sold to unsuspecting customers.

A tractor-trailer with a large quantity of pre-packaged boneless, skinless chicken breasts was stolen near Paris, Ont. on Wednesday. The next day, police found the stolen chicken in an industrial building near Kipling Ave. and Rexdale Boulevard.

They discovered the meat had been opened and re-packed for sale in large plastic bags.

Although police didn’t specify where the chicken was found, they said the building wasn’t designed for meat processing.

Police don’t know whether the chicken was properly refrigerated or sanitarily packaged, meaning the meat could be unsafe to eat.

The chicken was sold with a label reading “Boneless Chicken Breast Meat” and “Wing Zhing Trading Ltd.”

Police are asking anyone who bought it to throw it away and contact them at 416-808-2373.

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