Chemotherapy Is A Barbaric Form Of Medicine

Chemotherapy is a barbaric form of medicine, and new research is showing that even when it is called a “success” by western doctors, it is destroying patients’ future health by severely compromising their immune systems. How? By causing massive DNA damage that greatly multiplies patients’ risk of being diagnosed with leukemia and other diseases later in life.

Naturopaths and even many western doctors have long questioned the wisdom of chemotherapy. It’s a highly toxic procedure that, believe it or not, doesn’t have a shred of scientific evidence to back its use. Chemotherapy hasn’t been proven to increase the lifespan of leukemia patients at all. Its only measurable result is to shrink tumors and alter blood chemistry markers in ways that doctors label a “success,” but in terms of real lifespan and quality of life, chemotherapy does nothing.There are far better ways to fight leukemia and cancer than by turning to chemotherapy, radiation or other radical treatments. Even if a patient gets so hoodwinked by their doctor that they choose to undergo the toxic procedure, they’ll greatly minimize their DNA damage by turning to nature and consuming large quantities of chlorella and other superfoods before the procedure. In previous studies described in Superfoods for Optimum Health, patients who ate chlorella before undergoing chemotherapy not only showed the lowest side effects from the treatment, they also went on to survive longer than other patients — much longer. Oncologists were stunned!

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