Smoking in a car with kids could earn you a $109 fine

You know this here thing where these government officials keep on putting these laws in effect is nonsense through my eyes.  I would like to think that us humans here on this earth has the minds and capabilities to do things on our own in a right justice way without the help of the powers that be, forcing it down our throats.  Thing is why the fine? Some say, well, it forces folks to do the right thing. I say that all they want is to make money, same as all the carbon taxes and things they put on items.  Why not just stop making these things that hurt the environment. Again all boils down to money.  Pretty soon one won’t be able to go out of their homes with out spending a dollar anymore. Hmmm, kind of should take that back a wee bit, as I think we are paying it now. My Opinion Only

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