Bacon & Eggs, Hmm……….Good!

Good old bacon and eggs.  Well the eggs are OK and I would say a bit of bacon wouldn’t hurt any one. Remember this one word, moderation. I have eaten a lot of eggs through out my life and still do today. Especially for breakfast.  I also like them pickled and boiled with salt and pepper, when a snack urge strikes. Can’t be beat.  Take a look at this article.

Eating eggs does not significantly raise the body’s cholesterol levels, according to a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Surrey and published in the Nutrition Bulletin of the British Heart Foundation.

The researchers reviewed the results of several different studies on eggs and nutrition, concluding that eggs did not contribute significantly to the body’s cholesterol levels. Although eggs are in fact a high-cholesterol food, the researchers note that only one-third of the body’s cholesterol comes from dietary sources; the rest is produced by the body from saturated fats. As a consequence, saturated fat intake plays a far more significant role.

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