Vinyl Flooring, Maybe Not So Good To Have In Ones Home.

Kind of an interesting article here.  Kind of makes a fellow or gal think that maybe all these new items that we think are so nice these days might, and I say might, just be causing us all to get sick.  Joys of having to much money someone told me.  Hmm……….. Take a look.

In a study published on March 30, Swedish, Danish and U.S. scientists have discovered a link between vinyl flooring and autism in children. The purpose of the study — which involved nearly 5,000 children — was to investigate the connection between indoor air pollutants and allergies, however, the autism connection was accidentally found instead.

The findings, published in the journal Neurotoxicity, surprised even the scientists involved in the study, and are the first to find a connection between an environmental chemical and autism.

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