Buy American, Buy Canadian? Here Is My Opinion

You know for years I have been saying that we here in Canada have to become more self efficient.  Well I still say that today.   In my opinion we can’t be relying on all these foreign countries to keep us afloat.  This thing with the US  now for example, where the companies are buying US only, and back here in Canada folks are all upset.  Here again I say, why get upset, get busy and buy Canadian.  We should have been doing it years ago.   The thing is, we have to look after ourselves first, simple as that. We can’t blame the US for looking after themselves first, they have to if they want to succeed.   We here in Canada have to do the same.  The Powers That Be have been taxing us to death here in Canada and around the world for years now. To much tax along with too high of wages. we pay tax on everything, what for? Years ago there was no tax and we were the greatest country in the world.   Now we are going broke, no work and no companies even want to move into our country.  Can’t say I blame them either.  What we need to do is cut the taxes in Canada about 75 % and lower wages to about half and get on with it. What will that do?  Well again, simple. It will put us back in track, jobs will  flourish, and folks here in Canada will get to living like they should be.  So…..I don’t get upset when I hear buy US only. No sir, I give them folks over there credit, as at least they are standing up for what they believe in.  Will Canadians do the same?  I don’t think so, but hey, you never know.

I would also like to say here.  The good old US of A has been our friends for as long as Canada has be in existence, we are one.  They have always been there for us and always will be providing we treat them with the respect that they deserve.  This dealing with other countries abroad and dealing out the US was the wrong way to go.   My Opinion Only.

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