Long Weekend & Holiday For Some

You know for years now I just can’t figure why this country celebrates this months holiday a week ahead of the US A.  I guess they feel we should be different or ahead of the US for some reason. Maybe the powers that be hate being seen as the same as the US.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel we have to do everything the same as the US does but for this holiday I do feel it should be one week later.  Especially for us folks living here in the north. Why? Well, up here this time of year we are right in the middle of black fly season and for those that haven’t had to deal with these things, well let me just say they love humans.   One kind of love I can do without.   Another reason, it is always still cold and wet up here this time of year.  So with them two items alone it sure doesn’t make for a nice holiday weekend for folks coming to the north.   So there you go, my thoughts on this holiday weekend.  Guess I will go and put a log in the old wood furnace as we got ice on the pond and light snow falling this morning.   For my wife and I though, we never celebrate the holiday as given, we wait till the following weekend been that way in our family for over fifty years now.  Have a great day.

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