Bell & Others Are Throttling Its Wholesale Customers, In Other Words The Little Guy

You know, every once in awhile us older folks have to look to the younger ones for help.  Or should say, look to the younger ones to keep us up to date on what is happening in the high tech world of today. Now take the Internet.  Over in China now the Powers That Be are controlling what one looks at on the Internet.  Won’t happen here in Canada some say.  Well I am not so sure about that.  As a  matter of fact, I know it will happen, just a matter of time.  That is, if something isn’t done and done quickly.  I am lucky that I have two pretty high tech sons to rely on, when it comes to me being informed with things like this, which is a good thing.  Take Bell now.  For years they have been trying to get the CRTC to take their side in what some say is Internet throttling.  Not a good thing in my eyes and if this isn’t stopped, it will eventually be bad for anyone using the Internet.  Here is a few words from a good company that I use and like.  Don’t go and think I am trying to sway your thinking or moving to another company either, as I am not, I am just saying that if you are interested in enjoying the Internet, saving the Internet, then take a look at this article.  Then, if you feel like I do, click on the link and let the Powers That Be, know your feelings. Don’t have much time either.  Doing so will give you a good feeling inside that at the very least, you did your part to keep the interent a free place to come to for advice and good rates and not being dictated to on what you can watch.  I should also say it’s not only Bell that is taking part in this power trip, it’s the large cable folks too  So……………all the blame can’t be put just on Bell.   Take a look.

In March 2008 Bell started throttling its Wholesale Customers (TekSavvy among a group of many) without notice. We attempted to have the CRTC force Bell to stop as it removed our ability to do business and give Market choice.  The throttling was done in the name of congestion, even if Bell, at the same time launched higher speeds (which they did not share with their wholesalers) and also dabbled with launching IPTV, which consumes even more capacity.

The CRTC sided with Bell in November 2008 but launched a Public Hearing to discuss Network Management Practices, clearly showing they made a decision on throttling without having all the details in hand to do so.  As a result we launched a request to reverse their decision from November (The Review & Vary) in May 2009.

The only way we are going to make a difference at this point is to get full public support to stop companies like Bell from bullying the market and the regulators!  The Telecom and Cableco Monopolies control 96% of our marketplace, so if we don’t stand up and voice our concerns, this will become a two party dance where choices and services are going to be completely removed and rates raised to unreasonable levels!

Here are the details on how to submit your comments:

1) Go to:

2) Select “Part VII / PN ” from the drop down list and then click “Next”

3) In box entitled “Subject” line, insert “CRTC File #:

4) In the box entitled “Description / Comments / Questions”, insert any comments that you may have on the review and vary application.

5) If you would like to attach a document, select “yes” and follow the instructions for attaching a file.

As indicated in the Title, I believe the deadline is June 22nd, so don’t wait to long

PS – R&V details here:

Oh, an if your thinking it is to much work to do this, well……… it isn’t.  Just click on the link. Copy the information they show ya, and paste the information in the subject line, simple as that. Takes only a minute of your time and easy to do and leave them a comment on your feelings.

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