Cure For Cancer? My Views On The Subject

Here is what I believe when it comes to that so feared disease called cancer.  One thing first, I don’t believe the word cancer deserves to be capitalized or highlighted, it doesn’t deserve it. I believe that the body already knows how to prevent and cure cancer.  I believe that all we have to do is stop poisoning our body with cancer-causing chemicals like sodium nitrite (found in most packaged meat products) and start feeding ourselves the ingredients and materials our body needs so it can do its job properly.

I believe that given the proper foods, our body will eliminate all growth of cancer within us.  Now in saying this one would ask what foods should we eat?  Well……. here is just a few, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach and Brussel sprouts. At the top of the  list I would recommend, garlic.  Another mixture would be broccoli mixed with tomatoes taken three times a week.  Can’t be beat. In saying all this one has to remember to only buy pesticide free vegetables, or in other words organic and even then make darn sure of where it comes from.

The harder these powers that be look, and if they take off the blinders, the more they’re going to find the answers are right there in front of them.  My Opinion Only

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