Michael Geist – Government Introduces Bill To Require Surveillance

You know, for a long time now I have spoken out how the Powers That Be keep on trying, and in fact do force folks into things that they think is right, not ever giving our thoughts a bit of attention.  Just the other day, my son brought to my attention how our Government is now trying to bring a new law into effect about them legally  Eavesdropping on folks that go to different web sites on the Internet.  First off, they have no right in watching what or when I am on the net.  I know, they say they can cut down on crime if this law is brought into effect, but I say it wouldn’t help one bit, as if this was to happen folks would find another way to find out things.  Folks, the Internet is a vast wealth of information, free to the public at any given time of the day.  A place, where folks can chat to one another and learn.  If we allow the government now or any other power in the future, to bring this into being, we will then loose our last small piece of privacy.  It all boils down to this.  The Powers That Be, “don’t” want us to know or learn anything, that they haven’t control of, simple as that.  I sure don’t want to live in a place that only lets me see what they say is right, good, wrong or what ever.  I am a big boy now, and I don’t need any “Young Tender Foot,” that thinks they know it all, tell me what to do, or when to do it, or what I should be reading, watching,  or’………………………..what ever.   There is web site out there that explains it to a tee, exactly what they are trying to do.  This fellow is a  very wise person and it sure wouldn’t hurt to take a look and see for yourself what is going on.  My Opinion Only.

Here is the link, just click on it and your on your way.

Michael Geist – Government Introduces Bill To Require Surveillance

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