My Thoughts On The Atheist

I sure am asked some interesting questions these days.  This one comes from a lady in Northern Ontario, asking me my views on Atheism.  Well this here pretty well explains my thoughts on the subject.

Atheist are widely believed to not believe in anything, this is a popular misconception. Atheist usually use logical thinking and philosophy and research to find what they think to be the most reasonable theory and/or idea for the world around them until a more sensible idea comes along, instead of faith and belief like most religious party’s do.

Unlike people who are religious, most atheists are not atheist because they were taught it at a young age, fear, closed mindedness, or lack of the ability to ask why. But more because they can simply think on their own. Atheist prefer to go on reasonable evidence instead of merely faith.

Most Christians stereotype atheist as people who are afraid of religion and/or religious people and that they are afraid to speak about religion, But in fact atheists are more comfortable about what they are than anybody of religious faith and are also extremely more open to talking about religion.

Atheists are usually thought to hate god, but nobody can hate something they do not believe to be true.

Well that’s the best I can come up with, other than, isn’t it amazing that so many folks figure religion is right and the atheist is wrong. Its human nature to be like this, but don’t worry though, in the future we will all find out the TRUTH.  My Opinion Only

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