What Some Folks Don’t Want You To Know

You know there is a lot of folks out there in to-days world that think growing your own medicines is down right crazy. Some don’t even believe that foods have anything to do with health at all.    In my mind that is like covering up your eyes and not wanting to see the light.

I would have to say that the medical authorities today  is heading in the wrong direction when it comes to the health of us humans.  Being a farmer for a lot of years, has given me a look at what I believe shows just how fresh food can help restore one’s body and keep one healthy. Our body is an amazing thing if one takes the time to really sit down and think about it. Eating fresh homegrown items or good organic items is the way to go.  Our body even knows all on its own just how much we need to eat and automatically shuts down the urge to eat certain foods when it has enough.  It doesn’t need a pharmaceutical company telling it how much to eat or how much to take, no sir.  All we have to do is trust in the process of being a human being  and enjoy the togetherness with nature.  It’s actually called a Protection System and works great if left alone to do its job, as our ancestors for hundreds of thousands of years before us has done.  They never had anyone preaching to them what they should be eating or not eating and I got to say they did quite well considering.  They just took what they needed and ate it no questions asked.  Amazing huh?  One just has to put their trust in Nature not in medicine of today as in my eyes it is making us sicker by the minute. Sure there are a few that have helped us and will continue to help us, but one should be looking at alternative ways before, not after the fact.

I believe that our body was designed to survive and thrive in an all natural setting, as if not, you wouldn’t even exist today.   Nature knows best my friends.  One just has to look at the facts.  Modern medicine has only been around for around fifty years or so, that’s not long at all, but good old Mother Nature now she has been around for longer than we can even comprehend. So there you go, my bit on what is happening out there in to-days world. I know I keep harping on this subject, but I feel it’s important, and there is nothing that gives me more contentment and satisfaction than to see you folks waking up each morning, wanting and able to get out there and enjoy your day.  So  ya, I will keep on trying to get my point of view across to ya for as long as I can.  My Opinion Only

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