Celery, Storage & How To Use It

Well time to start thinking of what lies ahead.  For example winter.  I know, you saying it’s to early, but it isn’t. Fact of the matter is, that this is the time things should be done up and put into jars like tomatoes,  beans, turnips, broccoli, well you can see where I am going.  One item which is on top of our list is good old celery, yep celery.  What we do for most parts is we save the leaves.  My wife she picks all she can, hangs them with a twine till dry and stores in paper bags. Come winter, I gotta’ tell ya, there isn’t nothing better for mixing with meat, soups, or spaghetti’s, just to name a few. Celery may also be dug out of the garden, with the roots
still attached which I do and placed in the basement or root cellar before the freezing temperatures occur.  Then set the plants on the floor and pack them together tightly. If kept moderately moist, the plants will keep 1 to 2 months.Now how hard is that.  Right, not hard at all.
Celery should not be stored with turnips or cabbage as the flavor of the celery will be tainted. The temperature of the storage area should be near 34 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity moderate. The roots should be in moist sand or soil. So………….there you go, now when them old north winds start to howl and you want something really tasty.  Make up a bowl of home made tomato soup and sprinkle on top, a few of them dried celery leaves. Hmm…………………….good.  No reason not to stay healthy all winter long.

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