A Bit On What’s Happening Here At The Walters House

Well lots of rain these days, at least for us here in Port Loring Ontario.  Also gotten quite cool too. But old wood furnace has taken care of that problem.  With sixteen cords of firewood in the basement piled high and dry, what more can a fellow ask for, right?   Sure gives me a good feeling knowing we will be warm this winter no matter what old Mother Nature sends  our way.  And she does that quite well every once in a while, guess to keep folks on their toes or when they get to feeling to big for their britches.   Also the cupboards are stuffed full of preserves from our garden that my lovely wife has done up, so again it sure gives me a good feeling inside.  Warmth and food, husband & wife is about a few of the most important items on ones list when them cold north winds start to howl.  Got some raking yet to do around the house yet and soon as I gather the leaves and put them down on the garden I will till it up, and should be a go for next spring.  One has to look ahead if he or she wants to live a good life style, and wife and I do that quite well too, if I might say so myself.   Also put a new cap on my chimney yesterday or should say the wife did, as it was getting a touch shabby, and I am scared of heights.  Today it’s applesauce making, and while I do that the wife will be making apple pies and putting them in the freezer for a tasty treat here and there throughout winter.  Also that applesauce from our old tree out back will sure be nice with some pork chops.  So guess I will go, hope you folks are also all set for winter, and remember, pick up some Vitamin D drops for winter and you won’t be needing any of them flu shots.  In my eyes no one should be getting them.  Talk Soon.

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