Natural Medicine At Its Best Beats Pharmaceutical Meds Any Day

Well this is the time of year to get busy and make up your medicine from nature.  I got quite a few things on the go here this year. Comfrey Oil and Liniment, Plantain Oil,   Calendula Pedal Oil, Sumac Leave Oil and Liniment, Birch Leave Oil, Cedar Liniment, Cinquefoil Oil & Liniment and lots of other leaves drying for later like grape leaves, raspberry and white birch and all kinds of herbs.  Thing is folks one should be looking after ones self now a days, it’s not hard either, one just has to have an open mind and make some time.  My old friend Grey Wold used to say every time I seen him back at his cottage in the bush.  Knowing things does not come from learning things, it comes from remembering.”

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