HST Just Another Way Of Raising Taxes, Simple As That

The Liberals are not helping anyone or anything in bringing in this HST. It will simply mean that we will be paying higher taxes on hundreds of goods and services, including gasoline, heating fuel, fast food value meals, and legal and other professional fees, well to many to name here in my Blog. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that folks here in Ontario just love being taxed, as they keep on voting in folks that raise them. Some say hey, look at all we have here in Ontario. I say what we got we should have had with out all these high taxes. All that raising taxes does is keep folks working 24/7, no time to think of what is going on around them, that sums it up in a nutshell. They don’t want you to think or become self efficient, they want you to have to depend on them. But if you like working 24/7 and paying these high taxes, well then keep on voting for those type of folks. Just makes me shake my head. My Opinion Only

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