Great Day To Get Outside

Well it’s sure a beauty of a day here in Port Loring. Sun is shinning and no reason as far as I can see why anyone shouldn’t be outside getting some well needed sunshine.  The more you can get now, the least sickness will strike through them cold winter months.. Not so say though that you shouldn’t be out in the sunshine all you can in the winter too.  I feel if you got outside and rolled up your sleeves for a half an hour a day, you would see diseases drop by 30%.  Colds Flu’s would almost be extinct, and the way you feel about life would change greatly towards the good.  And so easy to do too.   Oh!  should say don’t be covering your skin with that all them lotions either, as if you do you  might as well stay in the house.  Your skin will toughen up to withstand anything the sun can throw at it given time.  Have a great day.

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