Soil In Your Gardens Need Help Too

Most folks up here in the north take all our leaves just for granted.  Myself I see them as a  benefit to my gardens.  Come fall when they start to drop, I gather up all I can, which is quite an amount to say the least.  I then rake them, carry them and wheel them to my garden and spread them all over the top.  Once done I then till them in a wee bit, just so that they don’t blow away with the winter winds. Come spring they will be then tilled in again and other than the looks of nice the black soil, you wouldn’t even know they were there. It’s a great economical way of building your gardens and  so easy to do.  You got to figure that every year your plants are taking a lot of that soil and using it to keep themselves alive.  If you don’t put back in what is used, well you won’t have a garden for very long.   The leaves I don’t use in my garden are, cedar, not really a leave, same as pine as I don’t use them either, but for leaves, not to be used, the main one would be black walnut.  Actually you don’t even want your garden to be near one.  Also oak isn’t the greatest either, but can be used if left off to one side of your garden rotting for a few years before using.  So there you go, you still got lots of time to make use of them leaves  so why not make some use of them.  Talk Soon.

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