Certain Times Of Year Certain Things Has To Be Done

Well back to some more rain here the past two days.  Also had some freezing stuff thrown in with it.  Nothing to make a fellow or gal worry though.  One thing at least we aren’t shovelling yet.

On another note this is the time of year to get down on your knees.  No………not to do any praying, as that never helped anyone that I know of in my day.  But……….. this is the time to get that garlic planted so you can be eating healthy come next June.  I put in around five, twenty foot rows this year, as my wife told me we needed more than I planted last year.   Thing is, one doesn’t need  much space when it comes to planting garlic.  I keep my rows around six  to ten inches apart and plant each clove another six to ten inches apart, which for around thirty years has worked well for me.   I like to put them under ground around an inch or so, which also I found is a good depth.  To finish them off I spread a few leaves over the top of them, straw or what ever is ok also.  I then mark my rows so I don’t get to tilling them up in the spring, and, well that’s about it.  I got to tell you, my wife and I sure love fresh home grown garlic.  Once you taste home grown garlic you will never go back to store bought stuff.  Should mention one more thing, the garlic that comes from China in 75% of the stores today, I won’t plant.  Reason being, it just doesn’t grow as nice.  The kind I like, has a bluish ting to it and usually sells by the pound.  So that’s that.  Now I hope you all get outside and put a few in the ground.  You will be glad you did I can guarantee that.  Oh and when down on your knees planting, take up a good handful of soil and let the fragrance of it entice you, as it is a long while till spring. Talk Soon.

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