From My Readers

Good day sir:
I’ve been reading your stories since they first appeared in Community Voices.  Am I ever glad that you joined this team of story tellers. Now I see that we have the good fortune to have your stories appear in the Sat. edition of the Nugget. You’ve had some very interesting things happen to you throughout your life. Thank you for sharing them with us. You fill the shoes of Mr. Hakala very well as I had read his stories for a few years but never took the opportunity to thank him. I just read your story about Grey Wolf and his bear friend, “awesome”, to say the least. Please keep up the good work.
I am fairly familiar with your neck of the woods as I have done some work in Port Lorring. My wife and I reside on the outskirts of Mattawa, Papineau Twp.
Have a good day sir.
Sincerely Bart

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