What’s On This Writers Mind After Thirty Years?

Well not sure why they call it  SUNDAY, as there is no sun to be seen today, or should say any to speak of.  At any rate, not doing to much today other than writing up a few stories for my columns.  You know, I have heard of folks having writers block and never could figure out what they were really talking about.  I have always figured and even told folks, to just sit down and start writing, what comes to mind, is what is meant to be wrote.  Thing is, I have found that a few things that I have figured to be standard thinking, are, well, maybe are not always correct.  So being me, I figure I should be the one to let you folks know that I can slip up once in awhile.  Amazing I know, but true, ha ha. The problem I guess I am having today, is that after twenty some years of writing short stories relating to pretty well the same thing, one gets, well lets face it, bored and wanting to look for different avenues. My columns I will never stop as I look forward to writing them as much as my readers enjoy reading them.   So don’t take me wrong, I would never say I want to quit writing, as that is the furthest thing from the truth, but I am looking for other avenues that my writing can take me.  I have a novel novel on my mind now, which will pertain to a thriller mystery.  Can’t wait till I can give it the time it deserves.  I have also given some thought to doing more stories on my old Grandfather and his adventures through the USA, surveying in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I have a lot of info on him, and put into stories, I am thinking his material would make for some very entertaing reading for folks. My style of writing has done me well for a great number of years and was told to never change, early in my writing career, which I still believe is right on the  money and will continue to put words down as I always have.  So……………………there you go. As you can see, my mind is trying to get out of this slump I am in, which is very bothersome.  I guess I just have to use my own advice, set down and just start writing.   Hmm……….maybe my thinking has been right all along.  Talk Soon.

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