The Benefits Of Fresh Farm Honey

Years ago Laura the lady of the house while I was growing up used to take me to the hives all summer long collecting the honey.   When home she would extract it with a device that Reg had made for her and in no time we were enjoying a treat that today only a few get to enjoy.  Honey has so many good things attached to it that most folks just take it for granted.  Especially none pasteurised honey.  Honey is like milk, once it has been pasterized it looses most of all its goodness.  Some say not, I say it does.  I have made up a list of what benefits honey can do for you  and figured I would share.  Take a look.

1. Instead of your morning coffee or tea, a drink consisting of a teaspoon of fresh ground cinnamon and raw honey to taste and one before bed on a daily basis was found to restore hearing loss.

2. Increasing the cinnamon to two teaspoons and following the same regimen as above, patients claimed they were cured of common arthritis.

3. Increasing the cinnamon to two tablespoons and mixing it in lukewarm water with one teaspoon of raw honey is said to relieve bladder infections in that this mixture will effectively destroy germs in the bladder.

4. A honey and cinnamon paste spread on your favorite breakfast bread, eaten regularly, reduces cholesterol. Your chances for a heart attack are diminished by clearing your arteries and increasing the blood flow in your veins.

5. With such a pleasant combination how could anyone complain of bad breath? Instead of your favorite mouthwash, try a combination of a teaspoon of honey mixed with cinnamon for fresh breath all day.

6. There are medical properties attributed to the sugar content in the honey that cause an increase in energy levels in senior citizens. An equal mix of raw honey and cinnamon, taken each afternoon increased their levels of energy and mental acuity.

7. A paste made of three parts honey, one part cinnamon, and applied to skin affected by pimples, or a paste, applied in equal parts, for skin infections such as ringworm, 8. eczema, and other types of infections were cured. Users claimed their skin was left completely clear and baby soft.

9. An unusual side effect of the users of the cinnamon and honey was weight loss. For those participating in the study, and consuming one cup of this mixture twice a day on an empty stomach before meals, weight loss was the end result.

10. The natural properties in raw honey that do not allow it to spoil arrest age and soften the skin; one teaspoon of cinnamon and four teaspoons of honey.

11. Raw honey may also be used to wash the face. A light amount should be distributed gently and rinsed thoroughly.

12. This remarkable drink has been used to aid in indigestion, 13. relieve upset stomachs, 14. relieve excess gas, 15. clear sinuses, 16. cure the common cold, and 17. cure the flu. Honey contains large amounts of vitamins and iron. These properties also help strengthen the immune system.

Who ever knew that two common ingredients could be so beneficial?

My wife has gone down three sizes with in six months from just enjoying a cup of fresh honey tea with cinnamon each morning.  Amazing huh?

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