Where Does A Writers Stories Take Place??

Question; Dear Mr. Walters;  I was just wondering if you would share where all your story writing takes place?

Well I have been a bit reluctant in telling folks, as it is hard to explain so….. figured instead of saying it in words, I would let you take a look.  I know it probably isn’t what one would have figured, but it does me well.  I am surrounded by the days of long ago, which brings stories to mind at a glance, and, well, that is what is suppose to happen.  This picture was taken last year and my lovely wife has changed things a touch, with a book case here and there which are filed  with hundreds of old time novels and things.  I will see about getting another picture in the coming days that does it more justice.  To enlarge the picture below, just click on it.    Hope this helps.


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