Firewood, Heating, Winter & Staying Fit All Right Here At Our Home In Port Loring

Well been a busy couple days here at our home. Firewood was delivered  on Monday, so in other words you might say that my lovely wife and I have had  our exercise equipment delivered right to our door.  That is the nice thing about living in the country, living within our means and enjoying each day as it is brought before us and making it for all its worth, that we do.  There isn’t one day that appears that my wife and I doesn’t take advantage of enjoying each moment.   The firewood below is ten cords of split hardwood, total amount is 12 cords.  I had around five cords in the shelter, so all total will be lots for heating the house next winter. Getting the wood this early assures of good dry wood for the next burning season.  Our heat for this winter is looked after and sitting in the basement. No going out in the cold for this couple, that’s for sure.  Never could understand why folks buy these outside furnaces, as in my mind who wants to get  up in the middle of a snow storm at three AM in the morning and go out in that cold, just to put a log on the fire. Think about that for a minute.   Ok………. that should tell you something shouldn’t it.   Hmm…… oh well, takes all kinds and to each his or her own I suppose.  Have a great day!!




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