What’s For Dinner?

So what’s for dinner?  Here today at our home here in Port Loring, I dug out a block of frozen spinach that we picked fresh from our garden earlier this summer.   Took the lid off a jar of home done up tomatoes, no additives and got them simmering on the stove together.  I gotta’ tell ya, if you haven’t tasted fresh tomatoes mixed with spinach, your missing out on a real treat.  The only other thing I like with it is maybe a touch of sea salt and a pinch of fresh ground pepper. I got to say, pepper is my weakness.  I also like my soups and things related boiling hot.  Not sure why, just been that way all my life.   So that’s what is on our plates or should say, in our bowls for dinner, along with a piece or two of home made bread.  What can be better?  Nothing, that’s what.  Again, all our hard work this past summer has paid off, and is now being enjoyed, along with being so………….good for ya.   Have a great day.

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