What Is Happening To Our Bees?

Hi George, was wondering what your ideas are on why all our bees are slowly dying.  Jim Paterson.

Hi Jim good to hear from you.  That is a great question for sure.  For most parts the scientists will tell you they can’t explain why as of yet. Myself, I have a theory being an old farmer.  For years now us humans have been spraying chemicals like fungicides and pesticides on pretty well every thing we eat.   First off, we just have to look at how us humans are doing with eating all these things covered with poison.  Don’t have to look far, as most folks today are getting sicker inside than ever before.   What’s happening is, that we are slowly killing ourselves.  Our immune system isn’t built for all these man made chemicals.  Same goes for the Bees. We keep subjecting them to all kinds of things, like pesticides and all sorts of chemicals. Then when a disease comes along, or another insect like a mite, they aren’t able to protect themselves, as they are too weak. Kind of like us humans taking the flu shot each year, as it is slowly messing things up with our immune system.  Not only the pesticides are killing the bees, other things are too. Like stress from moving them hundreds of miles a day, introducing them to bees from other countries and places, and now the high technical things, like cell phones, heck there is all  kinds of things going through their air space, causing them to be disoriented and confused, they just don’t know what is happening.  I gotta’ tell ya, it doesn’t take no scientist to tell me what is happening.   We humans are the blame.  To single out just one would be wrong as there are many many companies out there today promoting all these things, some are even in the business that feeds you each day. I don’t think I have to mention any names here, as I am sure you all know exactly who I am speaking about.  These are the ones that are causing the problem.  We either have to wake up and start to straighten out this mess and tell these huge corporations to either clean up their act, or we will boycott everything they sell or promote, simple as that.  Years ago if one got to messing with ones crops or family they would be in dire trouble and folks took the law into their own hands.  Today they say we have special law enforcers to do it for us.  Thing is they can’t do it for us any-more, to much red tape and politics.  You have to do it folks.  Like I keep saying, take the blinders off, don’t be fooled into what these so called powers that be is telling you is all true, as it isn’t.  Either we get to doing it quickly, or…………….well, we will all  perish.  The ones that will survive will be the ones that comes from the old school or looks towards the old ways.  I am not saying all the new things today are bad, as they surely are not.  I am just saying we have to blend in some of the old ways with the new before it’s to late. These things that are happening haven’t just started. They have slowly been creeping up on us for years now.  It’s just now we are starting to see the results.  Hope this helps.  Oh, and with out the bees, all of us humans would cease to exist, in just a few short years.  My Opinion Only

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