For Those That Love To Cook

You know I got to reading an article the other day about cooking with oil.  Here is what it says.

If you cook with oil, cook with coconut oil. It has a much higher “burn” temperature than any other oil, including olive oil. In fact, I don’t know of any oil that’s truly safe to cook with other than coconut oil.

Now in reading that it brought back memories of when I was young.  Laura the lady of the house when going to town would stop off at the feed mill and I can distinctly remember her picking up some  coconut oil every once in awhile for her cooking.  Back then it was kind of a luxury using the oil and for most parts it went into pastry and things like that.  For cooking eggs she just used good old butter as we do here today.  Nothing tastes better than eggs cooked in butter sunny side up with a touch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  Think I am going to have a couple right now.  Have a great day.

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