Why I Do What I Do?

You know there probably is a lot of you folks out there that think I am maybe over exaggerating a touch, when it comes to what is happening in this world today.  Well I suppose I can get up tight on a few things, but the reason in doing this is that when I see something that just doesn’t seem right, I feel that I should let you know my opinion on what I think of them.   Thing you have to remember, is that all I am trying to do is give you the other side of the coin. Now a days folks seem to pretty well believe that everything the Powers That Be tells you is the truth, when it isn’t.  No one is perfect including myself, lots are just trying to make an extra dollar, lots are pretending to know when they really don’t.  Now take the doctors here in Canada.  Say where they come from.   I would say most is of the doctors now in Canada are of an Asian back ground that we are allowing to practice in our country.  I for one don’t see why we aren’t getting an equal amount from other countries.  Say like Italy, Germany, USA, France, England, Australia, well you get my meaning, there are lots more I am sure.  The Powers That Be would like you to believe that these other countries aren’t looking to move here to Canada.  That is totally wrong, as I know for a fact of what is really happening. I have talked to numerous doctors, specialists of all kinds and they all have said they have been waiting so long for the Canadian government to get back to them that they have all but gave up hope. One lady dropped by this year a renown heart specialist from Germany.  She said she has been on the waiting list now for over five years and would just love to come here to set up shop.  Not going to happen she said, as it is all in who you are if you are wanting to move to Canada.  I believe what she is saying to be true too.  So you see,  that is why I get to talking like I do so often on certain topics, as if someone doesn’t get the other side of the story out there, folks just figure everything is ok when it isn’t, or could be better.  Had better go, got a fresh perked coffee waiting to be tasted, I have had my say for the day.  My Opinion Only

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